Grab some weaponized cards, and hold the line against an onslaught of inter-dimensional, time traveling creatures from beyond the rift.

This is a fairly straight forward deck building game, done with a gameplay style similar to Lengendary, Star Realms, and Dominion.

Upgrade and buy stronger cards from the HQ, form a strategy for your deck, and attempt to defeat every creature the emerges from the rift.

Try to keep the rift from fully stabilizing, otherwise the remaining creatures in the rift will come pouring out.


This is the 3rd game I've completed since I've started to dabbling game development, and I'm fairly happy with how both the code base and end result turned out.


Project was written in TypeScript.

Almost all of the code and art was created by me with the exceptions of:

Card art icons made by Lorc, Delapouite, and other contributors. Available on

zzfx (re-implemented in TypeScript) used for the sound effects.

tiny-canvas (re-implemented in TypeScript, and modified) used for WebGL rendering.

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