This is a JavaScript / TypeScript game made in 13 days for the Gamedev.js 2022 Game Jam.

A match-3 puzzle game (with light idle / incremental gameplay features) set in a dark, desolate world. Gather raw materials; upgrade your tools, camp, and defenses; and brave the unknown with increasingly difficult match-3 gameplay.

Players with Web Monetization enabled can toggle an optional resource bonus, and get early access to an alternative tileset that normally unlocks near the end of the game.

Theme: RAW

The RAW theme immediately pushed my brain to "raw materials" and I bounced between a few ideas of factory games, and farming games. Finally I landed on a pseudo-incremental game idea where you would play a match-3 puzzle game to collect the resources you need.

Game Credits

All programming and game design done by me, David Brad.
Art assets created by myself & Kenney (
Music by Andrey Sitkov
Sound Effects made with ZzFX

This game was made using no external engines, frameworks, or major libraries.
Two single-file libraries were used and modified within my engine code:

ZzFX by Frank Force used for the sound effects.

tiny-canvas used for 2D WebGL rendering.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Incremental


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No save?!

(3 edits)

this is too slow and boring, need something fun like combo reward, and need more use for wood, i have 700+ of them but i cant use them

The various game mechanics work well together and it was fun. Good job.

Really digging this game. My main complaint is how hard it is to get food. Every other resource has a way to get more or double the value when you make a connection. I've got nearly 1000 lumber, but less than 40 apples. Kind of minor and maybe intended as all this does is allow for offline resource gathering.


Thanks for the feedback! The food is most definitely gated due to the offline / idle resource gathering system, if there were more things to sink resources into long term though I would absolutely add some upgrades or systems to get food faster.

had a lot of fun playing your game, thanks for checking out the stream too!

Thanks for the stream + review! Means a lot to me that people are finding my game and enjoying it!

Very addicting game! I'll definitely be returning later.

Thanks for checking out my game!